"Joe Guide Outfitters"
Wilmington, North Carolina

2018 -2019 Charter Rates...
Inshore Fishing- Light Tackle & Fly (4 hr Charters)
Traditional Rail Bird Hunts during big Flood tides
Railbird (Marsh hen) Hunt-Charters:
($350 1P or $700 2P)

LOOK at the SEPT 2018
FIELD & STREAM Magazine, or other fishing and wingshooting articles. You can catch some of  exceptional short video Joe Guide Fishing+ Hunting video clips on YOU TUBE.
Let's you get a taste of what Railbird hunting during a flood tide is all about. Gunning from the front chair while the guide poles the skiff through a spartina grass flat can be mighty exciting.
That is why you need to contact to get a good flood tide date.
** Bood your railbird hunts during a railbird flood tides for best sucess.** These occur three to five days each month of that 70 day season. Depending on weather and migration- you got a good chance to kill at least two species of the four huntable railbird species that are migrating the Atlantic Flyway.
If you desire to lock down a specific date- you got to make that call.   Remember that 90% of my clients book - six months to one year in advance- to get a big flood tide date to hunt. 

Waterfowl Hunts can be exceptional during the holidays: serious Duckaholic's need to book a holiday hunt-date early, especially those who enjoy vacationing Wilmington, N.C. at Figure Eight Island, Southport, or Bald Head Island.
Book these holiday -Waterfowl hunt charters before that season so you can get your loved one on a holiday duck hunt. 
WATERFOWL HUNT CHARTERS are "4 hr Morning Hunts" only- and our charters are : $350 1P ($450 2P)- we use a 16 ft Mud Boat & Mud Motor rig.